The Libyan Crossroads (inglés)

  • Photo essay depicting the deadly crossings to Europe for many refugees and migrants: a book that portrays the suffering and resistace of refugees and migrants throughout their death-defying journey.
  • Tracing the route from Libya and its detention centres, through the impossible voyage across the Mediterranean to Europe,and portraying the extreme conditions of a country devastated by the three wars it has endured since 2011.
  • The home countries that the refugees and migrants are forced to leave behind are put into context: Where do the refugees and migrants who travel to Libya come from? What motivates them to leave their countries and risk their lives? What are the human stories behind such desperate journeys?

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Ricardo García Vilanova

168 pages

18,5 x 27,5 cm



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ISBN: 9788418459870

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Foreword 6
Rescue at sea
Detention centres on Libyan territory 9
The sleep of reason produces
monsters [etchings from the series
Los Caprichos by Goya] 10
Map of Libya (War Zones, Detention
Centres, Beach Departure Points) 64
The Libyan crossroads: the human
stories leading to them 66
Libya. The Three wars 71
In times of War, the law falls silent
[Cicero] 72
Home countries 107
Equality for those who are equal,
inequality for those who are unequal
[Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche] 108

Map showing migration routes 110

Contributors 168


Ricardo Garcia Vilanova is a Spanish video and photojournalist, based in Barcelona. He has spent more than fifteen years specialising in conflict and humanitarian crises. In recent years he has worked in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Yemen, Nigeria, Chad, Haiti, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and Bangladesh, as well as in other countries. From 2011 he documented the Arab Spring uprisings, and has been following the subsequent conflicts and crises. His work has been widely published, including in the world’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines. He has also exhibited his work in several cities around the world. He has earned numerous national and international awards recognising the quality of his work and his commitment to photography and photojournalism.